Chairman of  Committee: Dong-Suk Kang

Head of Big O / Committee: Jae-Heon Nam

Master Planner for Big O / Committee: Berni Jo

Manager for Big O Show / Committee: Daniel Sho, Yuree Hong

Construction Manager / HDEC: Du-Hong Hur

Director and Producer: Jean-Christophe Canizares

Head of Operations and Technical Director: Guillaume Duflot

Screenplay, Artistic Director and Show Director: Moïra Smith

Multimedia and Show Direction:  James Thomson


Music and Soundtrack: Philippe Villar, Pascal Lengagne

Lighting Designers: Frederic Fayard, Johan Chabal

Sound Designer: Yoan Corchia

Laser Designer: Claude Lifante

Video Projection Engineer: Gaël Piquet, 

Video Graphist: Karine Jourdain, Pierre-Yves Joseph

Artistic Production Manager: Vanessa d’Alessandro

First Assistant of Artistic Directors: Pauline Moss

BIG-O Architecture: Mark Fisher

Ocean Water Fountain: WET Design

 Architects and Stage Designers: Julie Moreau, Virginie Martin

Technical Director :Jason Fisher

Technical Managers: Ken Lo, Lawrence Ryan

Operations Manager: Stephane Plume

Photographer: Julien Panié